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Re:Designed by Dixie Otilia Urban Bag, Dark Brown


Otilia Bag er en superlekker veske i nydelig skinn, fra Re:Designed by Dixie. 

Her får du en veske med god plass, samtidig som den er stilig i designet. Perfekt til jobb.  

På fronten har den en konvoluttformet lomme, med magnetlås. Hovedrommet er stort, og har en liten glidelåslomme, samt lommer til mobil

Kan bæres i hankene, eller med en avtagbar og justerbar skulderreim.

Høyde hanker: 26 cm

Lengde skulderreim: 125 cm

Mål: B: 37 cm x H: 29 cm x D: 14 cm

Re:Designed by Dixie

Re:Designed by Dixie

RE:DESIGNED by Dixie is built on our experience with fashion retailers and their interests. The swift sale is key in every part of our work. Every single style is optimized for a design, that is easy for the consumers to relate to. Every one of our styles is part of a bigger family of accessories, giving you great possibilities for additional sales. That is why we dare call  ourselves a complete accessories supplier. and furthermore the only one you will ever need. We know very well, that consumer demanss develop and shift quickly. That is why we have never developed our designs for a distant future – and why we never will. Some may say to know, what will be trending in half a year or more, but the truth is that nobody knows. What we do know , is what is trending right now, so we focus in unique and functional designs that match the current trnds. RE:DESIGNED by Dixie is solely Scandinavian design conceived and drwan up in the pulsating centre of Denmark. We know how to smell, feel and sense great quality. That is why we always stick to materials of the highest quality. By combining great quality, functionality and elegance we create accessories that make any stylish woman feel unigue.

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